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send me prezends 2 mah email plz


Hello, my name is Jessie "Calzone" Rodriguez, and this is my personal websiteworldweb project that contains my projects

My favorite hobbies include making these webamehjigs, composing smooth melodies, drawing like a 4 year old in ms paint, programming in GML, and writing melodic poetry that I never use

Who are You?

That's a good question, im not too sure myself

To my knowledge I was born in the middle of a desert to 2 christian geckos that were cursed by a wizard, and now I fail in school and have breakdowns on the floor occasionally

What do you do?

As mentioned above, I like to compose music, draw poorly, and program in bahby languages, all for fun and potentionally no profit

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Any Mental Disabilities?

I use arch linux

tanks 4 using my COOL + AWESOME webpagermagigcoolionicejob! check out these cool buttons that lead to other cool stuff!

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