hello internet people. shigeru talks about you guys a lot. im koji kondo, i make the music.

im making this page to wish you all a very merry christmas, and a happy new year too.

did you know? kfc is fully sold out this time of year. i have no idea why, cant they just make more chicken? its not that hard.

i make chicken at home all the time, easy.

that was a joke by the way, i know how hard it is to serve thousands of customers with only 20 pounds of meat.

i dont know much internet lingo but i think "lol" would've worked?

one of the sgi employees also told me to post this here, a christmas e-card

i guess you can send this to your friends with email or usenet or something, i have no idea how you guys do it.

shigeru makes us use email for everything, he's obsessed with the internet.

it makes him happy though, so i don't really care too much. it's also easier for me to send him my midis that way instead of having to finagle my way around a usb drive.

goodbye for now internet people.

Koji Kondo - Christmas 1996

click here for christmas goodies