Whenever I would visit my dad over the weekends, we would always order a pizza. Usually we'd alternate between restaurants based on what we were feeling like having that week, but one restauranr always captivated me more than the others. We would always take the time to sit down there and enjoy the atmosphere rather than just staying at the hotel and having it delivered. I vividly remember taking in the aroma of that place, and enjoying the experience to the fullest. We would always play Air Hockey there, as they had an arcade in the back that was albeit fairly small. Thinking about it now, my dad really enjoyed Air Hockey a lot. He would always insist on playing at least 5 rounds, and usually payed the ATMs a large fee just to get the quarters to play. It was an unusual sight to see my dad enjoying a game of some kind, but a welcome one for me. I always had an enjoyable day with him there. Maybe I should go back to that place one day.