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WEB3 is Not for Me

As someone who was at one point supportive of cryptocurrency, I'd like to share my stance on WEB3, blockchain, and NFTs.

For one, I’ll start off by saying that I do not support NFTs, nor do I support the massive amounts of computers that people ditch to mine crypto. It’s harmful to the environment, screws up the currency’s value, and is an overall waste of energy.

WEB3, and the idea of NFTs is also a horrible idea in general to me, as it even goes against the idea of cryptocurrency, of which it’s based around. NFTs require the owners to treat currency like it’s the stock market, which makes it unstable, and a breeding ground for ponzi schemes. It’s the modern-day equivalent of beanie-babies, except at least with beanie babies you got something in return. NFTs don’t give you the right to use an image, video, or really anything. You pay to do the same thing everyone else can, to view the image.

Even if we used blockchain for other things, like video game items, or real-world banks, it is too inefficient to be worth the effort. Blockchain was built for simple digital transactions, and it’s too complex to be useful for anything simpler.

The idea of WEB3 is a complex mess, filled with scammers, and misuse of technology that isn’t to be messed with on such a broad scale. For a brighter future of the internet, we don’t need blockchain to verify everything we do. The web is good as it is, and is already de-centralized enough.

kthxbye - jessie t.