Before using FL Studio, my (very limited) experience with Digital Audio Workspaces (DAWs) was only some tracker software, LMMS, and some browser stuff. FL was basically my first step into more serious music production. Not to say other DAWs like LMMS, Ableton, Milkytracker, and Cakewalk are bad, but FL just suited my workflow a lot more than any other daw I had tried previously, as well as ever since.

FL is one of those programs where if you have no prior experience in anything, it looks extremely intimidating. But the cool thing about it is that not only is it extremely easy to pick up and understand very quickly, but it also helps teach you audio production as you go, just by giving you easy-to-use/understand tools.

This page is dedicated to 2 things

  1. Fanboying over FL Studio
  2. Making hopefully easy to understand tutorials for FL, as well as music/audio production in general. Ranging from begginer, to whatever I am.

I'll also try to include write-ups from some of my more technical friends, who also want to contribute some advice. If a page doesn't exist yet, come back later, and it might be ready.

Table of Contents

  1. UI Basics
  2. Yeah, But where are the instruments?
  3. Cool Starter Plugins
  4. Adding External VSTs
  5. Pattern? I hardly know 'er!
  6. Melodies, Motifs, Tone, and Rhythm
  7. Drums
  8. What the Hell is a bassline?
  9. Chords Suck to make sometimes, but they're pretty cool!
  10. What the Hell is a Mixer?
  11. Basics of EQs
  12. Samples
  13. Synthesis!
  14. Audio Manipulation
  15. Automation